Why use us?

Quality, flexible and with green credentials

Cannington Recycling Services

If you need a flexible company to work with, with green credentials and great customer service we can help.

We are based just outside of Bridgwater in Somerset on the A39 with excellent road links. and because the site is manned 24 hours a day, we can open to suit your needs; no matter if it's day or night!

Save Money and stay Green

Our recycling services are not only green and eco-friendly, they are also able to save you money on the land fill equivalent service.

Landfill is the most expensive place to send your organisation’s waste. The landfill tax is currently £88 per tonne and the operator will charge £54 per tonne on top, bringing the cost to £142 per tonne! Recycling a tonne of food waste through Cannington Recycling Services costs considerably less than sending it to landfill.

Working with you

Don't have the ability to transport your waste? No problem with Cannington Recycling Services.

We have our own fleet of waste vehicles and can collect directly from you which is ideal for smaller customers who do not have any ability to transport waste eg restaurants, pubs, schools and colleges etc.

Cold Storage Enquiries

If you'd like to talk to our team about our recycling services please get in touch using the form below.