Our Warehousing

Unique and bespoke cold storage solutions

Leading Cold STorage Providers

At Cannington Cold Stores we have experience in providing unique and bespoke solutions for our customers. We have the expertise and the flexibility to be able to sample, pick, pack, re-pack, label and distribute swiftly, carefully and accurately.

We can offer chilled, frozen and ambient storage with automated racking which allows for fast and accurate checking and picking of goods. This 3 stage storage service means that we can effectively take frozen food right through the three storage facilities ready for delivery to the supermarkets and shops if needed. Contaminated waste can be handled safely and utilised, groundwater supplies are protected from migration caused by landfill, and land can be used for production instead of waste.

Our Storage

Your bespoke storage solution

capacity for over 10,000 pallets

Advanced temperature monitoring

We can pick, pack, re-pack or re-label and distribute

We are UK Consolidation experts

a range of free standing, drive-in and fully mobile racked space

Operating FIFO /LIFO as required

We adhere to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

On-site Trading Standards approved weighbridge

chilled, frozen and ambient storage

Cold Storage Enquiries

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