75,000 tonnes of food waste can now be treated locally

Cannington Bio-Energy, part of Cannington Enterprises, has been issued a permit by Somerset County Council and the Environment Agency to treat 75,000 tonnes of food waste. The permit means that food manufacturers across the West Country can now dispose of waste more cost effectively and in a more environmentally sustainable manner – currently most food waste is sent out of the area to various disposal facilities throughout the UK for disposal or landfill.

The way in which Cannington Enterprises will recycle food waste will generate up to four mega-watts of electricity by means of Anaerobic Digestion – enough to power as many as 8,000 houses. There is also potential to supply the national gas grid with a renewable gas.

Previously Cannington Enterprises had a permit to treat up to 22,000 tonnes of drinks and dairy waste. The new permit will allow them to treat waste from canteens, restaurants and food production factories.

Tim Roe, Managing Director at Cannington Enterprises, said: “The new permit allows us to treat a much broader range of waste, offering businesses from the region a far more cost-effective and socially responsible way of disposing of their waste than is currently available locally. The fact we are also able to generate such an enormous amount of renewable electricity is a bonus for our local community”.

Councillor Anne Fraser, Portfolio Holder for Business Strategy at Sedgemoor District Council, said: “We have worked closely with Cannington Enterprises over the last few years as they have developed their biogas facilities. The developments that have been made at Swang Farm are testament to the Roe Family’s commitment to both the environment and diversification. This type of renewable energy enterprise is exactly what the area needs and has been identified growth sector in Sedgemoor’s economic business strategy for the future”.

The treatment of food waste will begin immediately. For businesses that are interested in more information on how Cannington Enterprises can help them with collection and treatment of their food waste please visit the website: www.canningtonenterprises.co.uk

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